Gafu-ten book 38

The book from the 38th Gafu-ten exhibition in Japan (the largest Shohin exhibition taking place every January in Japan), just landed on my desk. And ohhh how happy a boy I am. Not only by watching the marvellous photos of fantastic Shohin-displays,  buts also the great improvement of having a part of the texts in English too. A small part in the back of the book (the start of the book, if you are not familiar to the Japanese reading from right to left), also guides how to set up a display. Very nice to see how the Japanese Shohin Association reach out to Western enthusiasts too, helping us to understand the complexity of displaying Shohin bonsai.




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  1. I noted and really loved the new English explanations as well Morten. A great improvement(though I didn’t have any trouble reading the tree names and potters before).

  2. jean vermaeren May 16, 2013 — 16:10

    ziet er een mooi boek uit,Morten zou ik ook wel willen

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