Video – passion for bonsai

Photographer and video journalist Nicolai Brix from has shot a beautiful 2. min. piece about my passion for bonsai. (With English subtitles). Beneath the video a few photos from the recordings in the garden, and the finished bonsai I worked on during the movie.    

Feel feel the love for bonsai

In Japan is this year a very special bonsai art exhibition and performance taking place. Different artist, photographers, graphic designers i.e. are together with bonsai artist Masashi Hirao displaying bonsai in very refreshing new way during the Feel Feel Bonsai event. Feel feel the love for bonsai when you watch the pictures very kindly brought here with…

New Tokonoma

Just finished building a new Tokonoma in my bonsai garden. A place for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of bonsai. The Tokonoma (床の間, toko-no-ma), or just toko (床), is a special niche used to set up items to appreciate. Seen in Japanese reception rooms, at temples, and at bonsai gardens. In a private house, the Tokonoma may…

Tokonoma and Tsukubai

The summer holidays are used to build up the new bonsai garden, after we moved here half a year ago. At the moment I am building an outdoor Tokonoma for bonsai displaying. Not only for the cause of visitors but also for my own sake. It heightens the aesthetic value and appreciation of a bonsai…

Bonsai garden shaping

The bonsai garden progresses, and most tables are now established. Next step is building an outdoor Tokonoma (niche for bonsai displaying), establishing also a Tsukubai and refine the paths i.e. Works is taking most of my time right now, so I look forward to the holidays in July, so I can proceed with the garden….

A new home for my bonsai

In January we sold our old farmhouse, and we now have residence in a beautiful landscape scenery  at the countryside. This also means a full new start of the garden, after working hard the last six month renovating the house. The house is smaller, but the garden is bigger. There is a small forest on each…

Sixth exhibition in The Japanese Gardens in 2016

For the sixth time in a row, we at Fuchi Bonsai will exhibit in The Japanese Gardens in Denmark.  This will take place August 28 from 10-16 and will be supported by an open workshop. We look forward to see many guests as the previous years. In six month, so something to look forward to….

Shohin display workshop

Photos from the my recent workshop at the local club Vestjylland in Denmark, dealing with Shohin Bonsai display. Photos: Hans Jørgen Nielsen, Bonsaiværkstedet. ‪#‎photos‬ ‪#‎shohin‬ ‪#‎bonsai‬ ‪#‎bonsaivaerkstedet‬ ‪#‎denmark‬ ‪#‎display‬