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When calling the youtube endpoint I needed to specify to the service that this is a JSONP request by using alt=json-in-script instead of alt=json in the querystring. This was found in their documentation. Compare the results of this url to this one to see the difference between JSON and . Dynamic JSONP Result. The examples above are still very static. Make the example dynamic by sending JSON to the php file, and let the php file return a JSON object based on the information it gets. If you observe above syntax we appended “ callback=JSON_CALLBACK ” to url to make a service request. AngularJs is having its own callback pattern, so it will follow that pattern to handle jsonp callbacks.. In angularjs always we need to send callback=JSON_CALLBACK with url while requesting jsonp service. Using this pattern we handle the JSONP call-back and its call-back is called JSON.

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Simple GET request example: $http({ method: 'GET', url: '/someUrl' }).then( function .. AngularJS will automatically strip the prefix before processing it as JSON. To use JSONP in Angular we use the Jsonp client lib which is configured by JSONP return something that looks like javascript, for example it might return. AngularJs has its own callback pattern, so it would follow that it has a pattern to handle Jsonp callbacks. It does. The callback is always called. Ben Nadel looks at how to make JSONP (JavaScript Object Notation to explicitly define my "callback" parameter in AngularJS, the callback. Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor. JSONP Example using jsfiddle echo. 4.

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Week 2 Using JSONP to load JSON Data

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