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Nov 21,  · Mako is telling Wu the story of his relationship with Korra, which makes sense because Wu knows nothing about his bodyguard’s past. Varrick and Bolin take major artistic liberties with their recap by pitching it to their shipmates as the greatest mover ever made, and they also don’t know this story, so it makes shohinblog.com: Oliver Sava. Nov 24,  · Legend of Korra Season 4, Episode 8: “Remembrances” — Recap! After barely escaping Kuvira’s guards, Prince Wu decides that he needs to learn how to defend himself, and Makko agrees to teach him some fighting moves at Asami’s estate. Wu proves to be weaker than Makko thought and after one tap, Wu hits the floor. Nov 22,  · First, the good: Mako finally discusses his past with Korra & Asami and is deservedly scorned by Wu and Mako's family. Wu is far less annoying when he tones down his act and talks to Mako like a normal-ish person. Mako will eventually need to choose; if Wu is the catalyst for the decision then his inclusion this season will finally be meaningful.

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The eighth episode of The Legend of Korra aired on the 21st and it brought The episode starts off with Mako and Wu in Asami's home, Wu. A page for describing Recap: Legend Of Korra S 4 E 8 Remembrances. It's clip show time, and while Wu puts Mako's love life on blast, Asami and Tenzin give . The Legend of Korra: Book Four has already been a little slow-going in Thanks to some humorous commentary from Wu and Varrick's mover. Join The Legend of Korra newbie Rebecca Pahle as she recaps the It's consolation that Wu, Mako's grandmother Yin and his cousin Tu point. There, Aang and Team Avatar sat through a retelling of the entire the episode begins with Mako and Prince Wu sparring at Asami's mansion.

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The Legend of Korra Book 4 - Ruler of the Earth Kingdom: 'Prince Wu or Kuvira' - Nick

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