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Scaling a text box in Illustrator CS6 (without scaling text) With Area Text, you need to use the bounding box handles to resize the area text box. Any other scale or transform tool will alter text as well. Why can't I resize my text box in Illustrator CS6? 6. If the object is an open path, you must use the Area Type tool to define the bounding area. Illustrator draws an imaginary line between the endpoints of the path to define the boundaries. (Optional) Set text-formatting options in the Control panel, Character panel, or Paragraph panel. so resizing of the text box is not required in this case. I have Photoshop CC and Illustrator CS6, both with the same problem. When I go to resize text with the bounding box handles, it (the box) expands larger than the text. This is particularly frustrating because it is calculating the numerical size as the bounding box and not the text. I have read through many posts, but have not found an answer.

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Select your text box and then Type > Convert To Point Type. Hit shift+ctrl+B. Could it be that you need to turn the bounding boxes back on?. In Illustrator, there are two ways to control your basic block of text: With Area Text, you need to use the bounding box handles to resize the. Exactly how does one change the size of the text bounding box, without you're looking for has not been there in Illustrator for about 25 years. Best new thing about Adobe Illustrator: easy text box resizing! Using the selection tool (V), click on the text box and notice the new handles at. When I resize a text box, I get two different types of reponses, depending on how The bounding box is there -- not just for text but for all objects -- so you can do.

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I CAN'T SCALE ANYMORE - Show bounding box

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