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In CodeIgniter we can export data easily from database as CSV using a library called dbutil. We can pass the query result directly into the dbutil function and we can download the data as CSV. In your model, write down a function called exportCSV as mentioned below. Generate CSV file using PHP Codeigniter Framework [closed] Ask Question I want to generate a csv file, using data from a database. How does one do this in PHP CodeIgniter framework? php codeigniter. share | improve this question. edited Oct 30 '13 at DreadPirateShawn. 6, 4 41 Export Data As CSV In CodeIgniter. Ask Question 1. I need to export results from a MySQL query into a csv file in codeigniter. This is the model.

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You can try this code for your export array to CSV. . This Solution is working for me you have to call exportCSV Function with CodeIgniter controller. Retrieve list of database names; Determine If a Database Exists; Optimize a Table; Repair a Table; Optimize a Database; Export a Query Result as a CSV File . A simple easy to use, but always in need snippet for almost all my projects - kishorkurian/Codeigniter-Array-to-CSV-PHP. CSV (Comma Separated Values) is the most popular file format for data import and export within the project. In PHP for creating CSV file, you can either use fputcsv() method or directly write the comma-separated content on the file. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can. This tutorial is shows how to export data into csv file using codeigniter. Below are the step by step implementation to download mysql data into.

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