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Jul 30,  · What’s new in UFT ? July 30, New UFT Firefox extension: The test doesn’t seem to execute in firefox version 40 and above eventhough UFT states it supports it, Is there any additional installation that needs to be done for UFT to support firefox? Like Like. UFT/QTP: Browser Support Matrix for IE, Firefox, Chrome, Netscape & Safari. hi, someone can help me – I have a QTP script, saved & ran on QTP10/UFT11 etc. But recently upgraded to and while running the same script on IE 11, when it opens up the browser, clicks on any image button it brings up not only required a window as tab but. Hi. We have recently attempted to upgrade UFT to We also tried upgrading to (the latest version). But when trying UFT or , Firefox is up to 10 times slower (primarily data entry into Webedit fields), which makes all of our test scripts unusable.

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The UFT is crashing everytime I run my script in Chrome and Firefox. I just noticed this issue last month where I ran our usual monthly. Thread: UFT is unable to recognize firefox nor 39 nor 40 or 41 Did you open the browser after opening UFT? I forget to do this sometimes and then I cannot see , AM #4 · scsvel · View Profile. Chrome v45 - Firefox v40 e v41 - IE v I have some issues with all the afore mentioned browsers even if they result supported by UFT UFT Patches Updates Support Matrix. EPM. Yes (Other than ActiveX, Silverlight, Flex). Firefox. No. .. (12). Yes. List of Browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Netscape) that are supported by Versions , QTP v11, UFT v, UFT v, UFT v, UFT v, UFT v, UFT v Chrome v51 - v54, NO, NO, NO, NO, YES, YES, YES.

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QTP -- Fix for FireEvent Issue in Google Chrome and FireFox Browsers

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