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[Reboot]: What should I do with Yggdrasil runes (coins)? (shohinblog.comtory) submitted 2 years ago by aiphrem. I'm not really sure what to do with these coins. The boots look nice compared to what I have right now, but if there's a better use for them I'd like to know. THanks! Jan 10,  · These Yggdrasil Rune Stones (the blue one is the Chaos version) drop from the bosses. You can spend them at Oko’s shop, to buy Sealed Boxes. There are two kinds, regular and Chaos, which are bought with the different Rune Stones. There are different boxes for hats, overalls/tops/bottoms, shoes/gloves, and Max. There is another attack in Chaos Mode, where he goes to the far corners of the map, charge up a fireball and shoot a beam that will kill anyone that is not directly below him when he does the attack. Like the other bosses, Vellum has a death counter. If a player's counter reaches five, he/she will remain dead until Vellum is defeated.

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You do nothing. That's why I have over 3k of these coins. (can only use them to buy the items in the RA shops). permalink; embed; save; give. Chaos-mode bosses also have a chance to drop Chaos Yggdrasil Runes when defeated, which are used to purchase Chaos Sealed Boxes. Blazing Imp, Pointy Imp, Pierre's Treasure Chest, Von Bon, Crimson Queen's Treasure Chest, Vellum, Elite Blazing Imp, Elite Pointy Imp, Chaos Pierre, Chaos . An ancient stone engraved with Chaos Yggdrasil's rune. Take it to the merchant in Root Abyss to trade for a Sealed Box. Dropped by: . Available from: . Excluding event coins, we have Gollux Penny, Gollux coins, Crusader coins, Yggdrasil Rune, Chaos Yggdrasil Rune, Magnus Coins, Shadow.

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[Maplestory 2] Sky Fortress Rumble - Duel on the Deck S+ (Ancient Rune Berserker)

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