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I have several dates in mysql tables, using those dates I need to find out the number of days in the month. Suppose i have it should return for example date days_in_m. DAYOFMONTH() function. MySQL DAYOFMONTH() returns the day of the month for a given date. The day returned will be within the range of 1 to If the date is ‘’, the function will return 0. MySQL DAYOFYEAR() returns day of the year for a date. The return value is within the range of 1 to

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MySql offer two quick function to add and subtract date through MySql query, you can directly add or subtract day, month, year on any given date using your. Date & time functions used in MySQL query with sample code. DATE_SUB(), Subtracting Day, month, year, time etc. EXTRACT(), Get part of date and time. %j, Day of the year ( to ). %k, Hour (0 to 23). %l, Hour (1 to 12). %M, Month name in full (January to December). %m, Month name as a numeric value ( In case you use two-digit year values, MySQL still accepts them with the . If you want to get the day, month, quarter, and year of a date value, you can use the. SELECT YEAR(date) AS 'year', MONTH(date) AS 'month' FROM Table the first days of those years and months, or you could convert the year/month pair into.

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Day, Month, Year dropdown system in PHP

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