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Suppose that you want to display information about DB2® sample table DSN8ADEPT. You do not want the output to wrap on your display, so you want the column widths in the output to be at most 14 bytes. Use these commands to set the column width and display the parameter information: CHANGE MAXCOLUMNWIDTH TO 14 DESCRIBE TABLE DSN8AEMP. The results are in! See what nearly 90, developers picked as their most loved, dreaded, and desired coding languages and more in the Developer Survey. The first way would be to do a select *. The second way would be to read the documentation. For that specific function, seeAuthor: Kiran MK.

• Db2 describe table jdbc •

You may want to view the definition of a table to see the structure of your You can ask DB2 to DESCRIBE information about tables, indexes, columns, and. This answer and more in part two of our tutorial on JDBC. To put it simply, metadata is the data describing the data that is being stored in your data source. Using the DatabaseMetaData object, we can fetch the Tables by. The DESCRIBE TABLE statement obtains information about a designated table or view. db2 -x list tables for schema your_schema | \ awk '{print "export to "$1".csv If you want to do that via the SQL inteface, e.g. a JDBC client, you. So, for example, the following run while connected to DB2: \describe MYTAB Shows all available information about the table that the JDBC driver provides.

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Connecting to DB2 database using SQL Developer and jdbc driver.

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