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The events in Death Knights of Krynn take place a year after the end of Champions of Krynn. A feast is held at Gargath Outpost to honor the victory at the Battle of Kernen and the death of Sir Karl Gaardsen. This is the moment were Evil strikes, in the form of Sir Karl, now an undead Death Knight, too, riding on the back of a terrible Death Dragon. Description of Death Knights of Krynn. For the most part, Death Knights of Krynn followed Champions of Krynn to a tee in terms of gameplay structure. The player would select a party of six characters capable of advancing to fourteenth level (18th for thieves) and accessing spells of up to seventh level for clerics and eighth for magic-users/5(19). Death Knights of Krynn is the 2nd volume of the Dragonlance epic and is the sequel to Champions of Krynn. Characters from that game may be imported to this time the party faces an undead threat that turns former friends into fierce enemies and infests Krynn with hordes of decaying monsters.

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Death Knights of Krynn Theme (C64 SSI Gold Box)

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