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Jul 30,  · How can I change timezone on a CentOS 6 and 7 using the ssh based session? A time zone is nothing but a region of the globe that observes a uniform standard time for constitutional, business and cultural purposes. In a short time zone refers to the local time of a country. You can easily change timezone in CentOS Linux using the following methods. As NTP is entirely in UTC (Universal Time, Coordinated), Timezones and DST (Daylight Saving Time) are applied locally by the system. The file /etc/localtime is a copy of, or symlink to, a zone information file from /usr/share/ RTC may be in localtime or in UTC, as specified by the 3rd line of /etc/adjtime, which will be one of LOCAL or UTC to indicate how the RTC clock has been set. As you see, the Vultr CentOS 6 x64 OS uses the UTC time by default. You can modify it to any time zone as you wish, but using the local timezone of the server's physical location is a best practice. If our server was running in China, then we would use the "Asia/Shanghai" time zone.

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/etc/sysconfig/clock: This file is holding timezone name on RHEL based systems. Check the current timezone using /etc/localtime file. Time management on a Linux machine especially a production server To change the timezone, create the symbolic link /etc/localtime to the. Making System Locale Settings Permanent when Installing with Kickstart .. Local time is the actual time in your current time zone, taking into account daylight. the file is generally used to set the localtime for the server and can be linked (soft link) to the correct time zone to which the server needs to be configured. [[email protected] ~]# date. Sat May 10 UTC [[email protected] ~]# ls -alF /etc/localtime lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 27 Mar 9

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How to set local time & zone in Linux

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