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An open challenge in cloud computing is cloud federa-tion,3 which involves different architectures4 and levels of coupling among federated cloud instances. The cloud architecture reference model must include support for the deployment of different federation scenarios so that cloud providers and IT companies can use external resources as. A federated cloud (also called cloud federation) is the deployment and management of multiple external and internal cloud computing services to match business needs. A federation is the union of several smaller parts that perform a common action. See also: hybrid cloud. NIST CLOUD COMPUTING STANDARDS ROADMAP. xi. Foreword. This is the second edition of the NIST Cloud Computing Standards Roadmap, which has been developed by the members of the public NIST Cloud Computing Standards Roadmap Working Group. This edition includes updates to the information on portability, interoperability, and security.

• Federated cloud computing architecture pdf •

This chapter contains sections titled: Introduction. A Typical Use Case. The Basic Principles of Cloud Computing. A Model for Federated Cloud. should be addressed by proper design of a cloud computing architecture from basic An additional important advantage offered by the federated cloud approach is that it democ- .. org/standards/published documents/DSP shohinblog.com CHAPTER 15 AN ARCHITECTURE FOR FEDERATED CLOUD COMPUTING BENNY ROCHWERGER, CONSTANTINO VA´ZQUEZ, DAVID BREITGAND. Keywords: Cloud Computing, Federation, Cloud Architecture. Creation of federated Cloud computing environment facilitates on-time, efficient and flexible .. and paradigms”, “shohinblog.com .pdf”. Request PDF on ResearchGate | An Architecture for Federated Cloud Computing | IntroductionA Typical Use CaseThe Basic Principles of Cloud ComputingA.

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Federated Architecture

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