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Blue Diamond Stichelbaut *** Blue Diamond Stichelbauts *** Sam Lembo Famous Super 87 and Super 94 Stichelbaut Bloodlines Long distance family, hard weather birds. miles. Payments by pay-pal or money gram Express mail shipping fee for USA birds $60 birds $75 birds $ I have one. I won the bird at an auction but its mixed 3 ways with Delbar/Roosen on the top and Stichelbaut on the bottom. Goes back to Sam Lembo's foundation stock AU 92 SUPER and AU 97 SUPER Other famous birds like " MERLIN " and its full brother "SPIRITUS" "FILIP" " NICKY" "VAILLANT" & " BELINDA" are all in the pedigree. The latter arrangement of crossing the best birds in each loft improved both families and was a major development in the growth of the Stichelbauts. Alois Stichelbaut was a severe culler and as a result he never kept too many birds which led to him not sending many pigeons to the races.

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Following his move from London, Brian raced his pigeons to a range of lofts behind his home This was the family that put the great Derek Smith on the map in long as well as pigeons from Brian Denney, plus Kempeneers and Stichelbauts. leading Pigeon Racing and Racing Pigeons Community The homing pigeon is a variety of domestic pigeon A B-type bus from London converted into a pigeon loft for 'Pigeon' sight map and information. .. White Grooter/ Stichelbaut mix. Herbert Spencer, Homing Pigeons, Pigeon Loft, Bird Art, Beautiful Birds, . Screenprint on grey fabric, of a homing pigeon thinking about the shipping forecast around the UK .. B "OUD BORDEAUTJE" - ALOIS STICHELBAUT Racing .. Mystery of how homing pigeons find home solved Mental Map, Homing. hi i am looking for some stichelbaut pigeons was wounding if anyone still add them and if they got a pair they wanted to sell can you please. Initially I would like to ask myself on behalf of those interested why or what motivated me to pen an article on the Stichelbaut strain of racing.

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British Pigeon Racing In The UK 1960'S

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