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This video have been edited slightly.I use an game sound. I have uploaded to nicovideo before. I upload the high resolution version(HDp) of that here. You really are an incredible artist, I cannot get my head around how you can draw THAT GOOD on Tegaki E! I've tried, and I'm dreadful at it Anyways, this is amazing. I love how perfectly the hair is done, and the ribbon adds a gorgoeus touch to the whole outfit. Insanity-Domination Featured By Owner Jan 8, I love how she's all. AkazukinCruz is a fanfiction author that has written 6 stories for Web Shows, Hetalia - Axis Powers, Kingdom Hearts, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica/魔法少女まどか★マギカ.

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"Pure insanity." comments: 1. /10/03 - pm "So bored." comments: 5. /10/03 - pm "Touchpad D:" comments: 8. 1. Tegaki E Archive . I got a Tegaki E acount: shohinblog.com 4 Awesome and Slightly Insane AnimeThat you've probably never, ever heard of. Tegaki E is a mostly shit website for ex-/b/ newfags and weeaboos. It's the bastard lovechild of DeviantArt and OpenCanvas, and Down's Syndrome brother of. Tegaki E Entry Date - /07/26 pm I was bored so it was fitting. point, due to the insane background I decided to force myself through. "insane ella" comments: /05/02 - pm "Skunk" comments: 9. /05/ 01 - pm "Eternal Love" comments: /05/01 - pm "Love hatred".

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Servant of Evil [YuGiOh MAD]

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