Conduction system of the heart during cardio

Dec 27,  · Cardiac conduction system: The electrical conduction system that controls the heart rate. This system generates electrical impulses and conducts them throughout the muscle of the heart, stimulating the heart to contract and pump blood. Among the major elements in the cardiac . Sep 27,  · Your heart beats as a result of the generation and conduction of electrical impulses. Cardiac conduction is the rate at which the heart conducts electrical impulses. These impulses cause the heart to contract and then relax. The constant cycle of heart muscle contraction. Cardiac Conduction System. Going back to the analogy of the central heating system, the pump, pipes and radiators are of no use unless connected to a power supply. The pump needs electricity to work. The human heart has a similar need for a power source and also uses electricity.

• Conduction system of the heart during cardio •

The discovery by Tawara (1) of the heart conducting system in humans and its .. Aestivation of the African lungfish Protopterus aethiopicus: Cardiovascular and. The human heart has a similar need for a power source and also uses electricity. Thankfully we Diagram of the heart showing the cardiac conduction system. The cardiac conduction system (CCS) consists of distinctive components that initiate and conduct the electrical impulse required for the coordinated contraction. The cardiac conduction system is a group of specialized cardiac muscle cells in the walls of the heart that send signals to the heart muscle. Two different types of cells in your heart enable the electrical signal to These two main branches divide further into a system of conducting fibers that For example, during periods of exercise, when the body requires more.

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Heart Conduction System

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