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Oct 24,  ·: (Leonardo is an inspiration and this film will fuel any lust that his fans have to know more about the man and his unique visions, thoughts and personality. This account of his life is vividly illustrated, highly detailed, as historically accurate as one can get, and only occasionally sentimental/10(4). An artist, scientist, engineer, visionary and all-round genius, Leonardo Da Vinci () was arguably the main figure of the Renaissance. Over three gripping episodes, this docudrama from the BBC reconstructs the life of Leonardo from early boyhood to death/10(24). Jul 15,  · The film was made in Italy, I believe, and done very well. Leonardo da Vinci is shown through all the stages of his life, as a young boy, through his apprenticeship, and subsequent career as artist, designer, engineer, and advisor. Ever the curious, observant perfectionist, da Vinci watches the world and wonders why it works as it does.4/5(60).

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Leonardo DiCaprio will star as Leonardo da Vinci in a film adaptation of Walter Isaacson's biography about the famous inventor, artist, and. The best that i have ever watched is one which appeared on the Italian telly hosted by science journalist Piero Angela and curated by the worldwide most. The Da Vinci Code is a American mystery thriller film directed by Ron Howard, written by named Sir Leigh Teabing tells them that the actual Holy Grail is explicitly encoded in Leonardo da Vinci's wall painting, The Last Supper. Leonardo Da Vinci, Art Department: La vita di Leonardo da Vinci. The archetypal "Renaissance Man," Leonardo da Vinci was one of the greatest scientific minds. It has been years since the death of Leonardo da Vinci. In "Being Leonardo da Vinci," Finazzer Flory gives viewers a captivating, unforgettable look Anthony Mackie discusses the importance and impact of the epic conclusion of the film.

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