Light and dark reactions of photosynthesis ppt

Understand that photosynthesis is a two fold process composed of the light-dependent reactions (i.e., light reactions) and the light independent reactions (i.e. Calvin Cycle or Dark Reactions). Tell where the light reactions and the CO2 fixation reactions occur in the chloroplast. Define chlorophylls giving their basic composition and structure. May 10,  · Photosynthesis light reaction. Comparing Metabolic Processes Light energy  Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are complementary Photosynthesis in chloroplasts processesCO2 + H2O Organic molecules + O2  They are not opposite Cellular respiration in mitochondria reactions even though their overall equations are the reverse because. Light Reactions Absorption of light Chlorophylls (light-harvesting antennas) function to gather photons and transfer energy by exciton transfer to a photosynthetic reaction center, time frame Light-harvesting complex-II (LHC-II) most abundant membrane protein in chloroplasts of green plants residue transmembrane.

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Photosynthesis occurs in 2 “stages”: The Light Reactions (or Light-Dependent Reactions); The Calvin Cycle (or Calvin-Benson Cycle or Dark Reactions or. The Light reactions – occurs in grana; The Dark reactions – occurs in stroma. The Light Reactions. The purpose of the light reactions is to change light energy. Hamza Khan FARO Cell Biology Photosynthesis. 1 Photosynthesis includes light reactions and dark reactions 1. light reactions: The light reactions require light. Energy of light is converted to chemical energy. Photosynthesis. The carbon reactions. (Dark Reactions). Overall Perspective. Light reactions: Harvest light energy; Convert light energy to chemical energy.

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Light & Dark reaction

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