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Jerma and Star_'s Friendship Situation ( submitted 1 year ago by Brainal_Grapist Over the past few months the relationship between Jerma and Star has been put into question. This player model, dubbed The Monopoly Guy, who Jerma later stated looked more like Sir Topham Hatt than the actual Monopoly Guy, was a character Jerma would choose the most throughout the video and would almost always get shot instantly by Star. The Monopoly Guy's real name is Brimsworth Buckswaggle the 3rd, as seen in Spy Party. Star confirms he and Jerma aren't friends. ( submitted 1 year ago * by NaFeRn. Those two have always been like that. I can't remember which videos, but in some Jerma and Star video, Jerma talked about how Star is always better at games than he is because as soon as Star finds a game he .

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Spyparty is the one they played, and you had one of the roles. This one you This sounds like that game jerma and star played. But doesn't. In 'Lethal League-Dinner or Song?', Jerma made a bet with STAR_; if STAR_ . Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Invoked in both of his SpyParty video where. Jerma and Star are awesome peoples. If you want the hear the Jerma one, just watch his most recent Spy Party video - it's the very first thing; Jerma's laugh. The Monopoly Guy is a player model from the game Spy Party, who made his first appearance in the video "Spy Party: It's Always The Monopoly Guy [w/ STAR_]." The Monopoly Guy's real name is Brimsworth Buckswaggle the 3rd, as seen in Spy Party's select screen. The Monopoly Guy made. Something to put you in a good mood Videos and audio of people laughing infectiously. No context required.

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Spy Party: It's Always The Monopoly Guy [w/ STAR_]

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