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May 04,  · Laser Beam Welding is a fusion welding process in which two metal pieces are joined together by the use of laser. The laser beams are focused to the cavity between the two metal pieces to be joined. The laser beams have enough energy and when it strikes the metal pieces produces heat . laser may be recirculated in some cases to reduce cost. Continuous wave gas lasers using carbon dioxide gas with power up to 20 KW are used for laser beam welding. Welding is done with high power lasers with longer pulses so that metal can be heated to its melting point without vaporization. It may . Nov 23,  · Laser beam welding process In general cases heat is required to fuse the metals for any types of welding, in laser beam welding process the heat is obtained from the application of a concentrated coherent light beam which striking upon the weld metal and melt the metal, such this .

• Laser beam welding ppt •

Laser Beam Welding. LIGHT AMPLIFICATION by STIMULATED EMISSION of RADIATION. Coalescence of heat is produced by the Laser beam which is having. In this article you will learn about Laser Beam Welding equipment, principle, working, advantages and disadvantages with its application. Laser Beam Welding. 1. Laser Beam Welding AllahTawakkal (14MME-S) Muhammad Usman Bhatti (14MME-S) Ahtasham Ahmad. Advanced Welding Technique. 1 Electron Beam Welding. 2 Laser Beam Welding . Electron beam welding. Electron Beam Welding (EBW). Electron Beam. Laser Beam Welding. The term laser is the abbreviation for,,Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radia- tion”. The laser is the further.

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Laser Beam Welding - GATE Lecture

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