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The disk visibility can be corrected by adjusting the Maximum Sampling Radius. In mental ray if this setting is turned off, GI, by default, creates photon disks that are 1/ of the scene size. This is typically usable for most scenes, however sometimes the disks are too large or small for the rendering. Day and Night time Scenes Troubleshooting Tips using 3ds Max and Mental Ray. September 03, For the example below the skylight won’t be noticeable but for a night time exterior scene it would make a considerable difference. Try multiplier values like and go from there. To use the mental ray translator and renderer, you must first choose mental ray as the production renderer, as described the "Procedures" section below. Once you have chosen mental ray rendering, the Render Setup dialog displays panels and rollouts that control the mental ray renderer. Main toolbar > (Render Setup) > Render Setup dialog > Common panel > Assign Renderer rollout > Choose NVIDIA.

• Mental ray exterior scene s •

OK yall, I'm having a lot of trouble rendering an exterior scene for an My renderer is Mental Ray and basically what my problem is is finding a. Comes from: Archexteriors for Mental Ray Vol. 1 Archexteriors vol. 1 for Mental Ray includes 10 textured and shadered visualization scenes ready to be. In Vray we have been rendering large exterior scenes with 3D high-poly trees in full GI using vray proxies. A typical scene is about trees. There is one Direct light in both scenes to simulate sunlight (Intensity , Vray shadows in vray scene, Ray traced in Mental ray scene). up and light a 3ds max exterior scene with a HDRI Skydome and mental ray. While hdri lighting is not very complicated it´s necessary to know.

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3ds max 2010 - Basic Mental Ray exterior light tutorial

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