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Matplotlib's flexibility allows you to show a second scale on the y-axis. This example allows us to show monthly data with the corresponding annual total at those monthly rates. The Matplotlib method creates a new y-axis that shares the same x-axis. One thing you can do is to set your axis range by yourself by using How can I set the y axis range of the second subplot to e.g. [0,]? The FFT plot of my data (a column in a text file) results in a (inf.?) spike so that the actual data is not visible. pylab.y.

• Scale y axis matplotlib •

Set the y-axis scale. Different keyword arguments are accepted, depending on the scale. By default, Matplotlib supports the above mentioned scales. Such axes are generated by calling the method. Likewise, is available to generate axes that share a y axis but have. Bug report y axis does not autoscale according to x range ([x1,x2]) import as plt x=[1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,20,23] y=[,2, The and parameters allow us to control the range of the x axis and y axis respectively. These parameters are the maximum and. import as plt import numpy as y = +' Setting Axis.

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Matplotlib (Python Plotting) 2: Figure and Axes

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