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Welcome to the Small Basic Reference Documentation! Click an object to get started Array; Clock Controls Mouse Network Program Shapes Sound Stack TextWindow Text Timer Turtle. See Also. The Developer’s Reference Guide to Small Basic Wiki: Small Basic Portal. Other Languages. Arabic, Small Basic: الوثائق. Small Basic API Reference English | español | français. Arguments. The Arguments object provides operations to access the command-line arguments that were passed at the start of this program. Array. This object provides a way of storing more than one value for a given name. These values can be accessed by another index. Small Basic > Small Basic Books > The Developer's Reference Guide to Small Basic 1. Introducing Small Basic 2. Overview of Small Basic Programming 3. Program Object 4. TextWindow Object 5. GraphicsWindow Object.

• Small basic api reference s •

x. The x co-ordinate of the text start point. y. The y co-ordinate of the text start point. width. The maximum available width. This parameter helps define when the. The Small Basic API reference is now available at: With v, you can view the API reference in your choice of. See the Small Basic website or preview the Small Basic API for more details. .. on your PC inside the References section of Solution Explorer in Visual Studio. Small Basic API: Controls Object. The Controls Object Reference. This content originally came from the Small Basic Wiki Jump. post tag. Following list contains about Small Basic objects. Title object names are also linked to Small Basic Reference Documents in TechNet Wiki.

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Small Basic For Loop

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