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Templates used on category pages. Using this category Edit. To put a template in Category:Category templates. Use [[Category:Category templates|{{PAGENAME}}]] on the documentation page (see Template:Documentation for more info). The "" tags are necessary to prevent categorizing all pages using the template (and the documentation page) in the . A godsword hilt is an item dropped by the four bosses (but not any of the sub-bosses) of each god from the God Wars Dungeon. The hilts come in 4 different varieties, Zamorakian, Saradominist, Bandosian, and Armadylean. Godsword hilts may be attached to a godsword blade to create either an Armadyl godsword, a Bandos godsword, a Saradomin godsword, or a Zamorak godsword. Bandos godsword. The Bandos godsword can drain the opponent's Defence by 1 level, until its Defence falls to 90% of the base. It is most potent against boss encounters which allow time for successive drains. Saradomin godsword. The Saradomin godsword can heal the wielder by 3% of their maximum life points and recover 3% of their maximum prayer points.

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Quote from the current page on the Rs Wiki: Bandos_godsword#Special_attack. The Bandos godsword has a. The Bandos godsword is one of the four godswords that were fought over during the God Wars. Requiring 75 Attack to wield, it is created by attaching a Bandos. Bandos godsword. A brutally heavy sword. Bandos godsword. Current Guide Price m. Today's Change - k + 0%; 1 Month Change - k - 5%. The Bandos godsword is one of the four variants of the Godsword; the hilt is received from General Graardor whilst the blade's shards are attainable from any . Bandos godsword. A brutally heavy sword. Bandos godsword. Current Guide Price k. Today's Change 0 + 0%; 1 Month Change k + 4%; 3 Month.

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Bandos Godsword DESTRUCTION (Max Strength Gear)

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