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Dial any number in your mobile phone book without ever touching your phone using Uconnect. Chrysler developed Uconnect to sync their vehicles with your mobile device so you can reach any of your contacts using voice-activated, hands-free commands. "Phonebook Download" is a . Dec 10,  · There are two ways to add contacts to the Uconnect phonebook. If your phone is compatible, you can download your contacts directly into the Uconnect system. The Uconnect website offers a list of the various phones that are compatible with this feature. You can add up to 32 contacts to the phone book manually. Use your iPhone to get directions with Apple® Maps, listen to your Apple Music® subscription with a 6-month trial included, make calls and send messages—all through the Uconnect® touchscreen or with your voice through Siri®, your iPhone’s digital assistant.

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I'm connected via Bluetooth, and CarPlay (iPhoneX) but unable to move over any of my contacts to the phone app on uConnect? Anyone. My iPhone has always paired up just fine and everything worked, even . If the phone isn't allowing UConnect to access your phonebook, it'll. I am unable to figure out how to get UConnect to see my contacts. I can see my text messages on the display when I click on Messages, but the. Hey all. I searched the forum but didn't find anything recent. My IPhone 7 paired right up, downloaded my contacts and all was well. Parked the. has anyone with ios 12 installed on their iphone encountered not being able to see any contacts, recent call history and such on the uconnect.

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