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Official Site - Uncharted Waters Online is an epic seafaring sandbox MMORPG with near-endless possibilities. Uncharted Waters Online Founders will receive exclusive rewards when the game relaunches based on their previously achieved game levels. (Users who applied for ID Transfer after 3pm December 29th, PST, are eligible for the item rewards but no longer for the tiered UWC credits.). Uncharted Waters (originally released as Daikoukai Jidai (大航海時代, Daikōkai Jidai), "Great Age of Sailing") is a Japanese video game series produced by Koei under its "Rekoeition" brand.. It is a simulation and role-playing video game series dealing with sailing and trading, themed around the Age of shohinblog.com the games, the player takes up the role of a captain (or commodore in Platform(s): MSX, NES, Sega Mega Drive, SNES.

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Here you will find some Uncharted Waters Online reviews, download, guides, and skills to master, Uncharted Waters Online offers ample game play for. Uncharted Waters Online is a 3D sailing MMORPG set during the Age of Exploration. Chart your own destiny as either a merchant, adventurer, or soldier!. Uncharted Waters is a sailing and trading simulation. Your goal is initially to sail between ports and trade goods between them to make a profit. Along the way. Trademarks referenced herein belong to their respective owner. Vertigo Games International Pte. Ltd. 6 Raffles Boulevard, #, Marina Square, Singapore. Uncharted Waters Online is an MMORPG set in the Age of Exploration, with the English version It is developed by KOEI based on the Uncharted Waters series of games, and originally released in Japan. Uncharted Waters Online is available .

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