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Apr 02,  · Unity freezes for a long time and then it's quite broken, even if my prefab is an empty root with 6 children. I'm using the latest beta (b9). Edit: it looks like this code is working, but as I said it freezes the editor for a solid minute, and then the UI is blocked (apart the upper part) so . May 03,  · Guide to Extending Unity Editor’s Menus. Edward Rowe Blocked Unblock Follow Following. MenuItem attribute is in the UnityEditor namespace, so you need to include that namespace and place your script in a folder named Editor. See Unity’s documentation on special folder names if you are An example of menu mayhem from Unity’s asset Author: Edward Rowe. Issue tracker shows that this bug should be fixed by Unity in beta but this editor script offers a workaround for other versions of Unity. Target Transform fields updates the transforms immediately and Source Transform allows for setting specific values before applying them. Menu item is located under Tools menu.

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using UnityEditor; using UnityEngine; public class MenuTest: MonoBehaviour { // Add a menu item named "Do Something" to MyMenu in the menu bar. In this tutorial, you'll learn to extend the Unity editor to customize it for the should know basic scripting and feel comfortable working in the Unity editor. . of a ScriptableObject available under the Assets main menu option. In order to add a new menu to the top-level toolbar, you should create an editor script (a script file that is placed anywhere in the project under a folder named. Hello all, I never scripted anythig regarding the editor itself. so even the code for that menu, and only copy the code for the C# script and alter. Question by Extrakun · Jul 21, at AM · editor-scripting I am trying to add a context menu when I right click on a gameobject in the scene (from the.

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How to make an EDITOR WINDOW in Unity

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